Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kirby Swipe?

I'm not sure if Kirby was influenced by the cover on the right, it could just be coincidental.  Kirby's rider seems a little more stiff than the rider on the "Tit-Bits" cover, it's interesting that neither rider has reigns to control their creatures. The Kirby image is inked by the great Joe Sinnott.  I don't know who drew the "Tit-Bits" cover.

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  1. Was this done while developing Devil Dinosaur? Looks like Fin-Fang-Foom--don't think it's a swipe or at least not intentionally.

    If it was for DD I understand why he would move to a more childlike character. Didn't he put that together because Marvel wanted something like Kamandi to shop around for Sat morning cartoons like DC was doing? Kirby came back closer to this for Thundarr--could this have been during the development for that series?

    The inking by Joe Sinnott makes me think 1960's, but Sinnott has inked a lot of other Kirby art since Kirby's death. Without seeing the actual pencil drawing it's hard to tell what stage in his career this drawing was done. Joe Sinnott adds so much to anything he touches--in the best way--one of the best inkers all time--a great artist.