Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kirby Color

Jack Kirby had the most unique color sense.  Jack hand-colored the image below with Doc Martin dyes.

Below is the same image with computer coloring. The colorist has done an acceptable job, but it just doesn't seem as vibrant as Kirby's, certainly not as unique.  One wonders what Kirby could have done with a computer.

Below is a picture of Kirby working with the Doc Martin dyes.  Obviously, this picture was taken on "Casual Friday".

Kirby Swipe?

I'm not sure if Kirby was influenced by the cover on the right, it could just be coincidental.  Kirby's rider seems a little more stiff than the rider on the "Tit-Bits" cover, it's interesting that neither rider has reigns to control their creatures. The Kirby image is inked by the great Joe Sinnott.  I don't know who drew the "Tit-Bits" cover.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

At least Disney Co doesn't own Captain Glory...or does it?

Here's a drawing Jack did for Disney.

Now here's Captain Glory, notice any similarities?

I wonder if Jack made the changes or if he left it all up to the inker.

Jack Kirby's Full Metal Alchemist

I don't know what this character was originally intended for.  Jack has written "Harpoon" on the drawing, so I assume that was the character's intended name.  When I first saw this image I was somewhat reminded of the Japanese character "Edward Elric: The Full Metal Alchemist".  As you can see, "Elric" is a bit more sedate looking than Jack's "Harpoon".   Kirby has taken a similar idea and, as usual, injected his creative steroids into it. 

Also interesting is that if you look closely at the "Harpoon" figure on the left, you can see where Jack originally intended to have the left arm in a different position, but then apparently changed his mind.  Kirby often claimed that he never erased, but of course he must have...on rare occasions.

EPILOGUE: There came a time when the old gods died!

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