Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kirby Color

Jack Kirby had the most unique color sense.  Jack hand-colored the image below with Doc Martin dyes.

Below is the same image with computer coloring. The colorist has done an acceptable job, but it just doesn't seem as vibrant as Kirby's, certainly not as unique.  One wonders what Kirby could have done with a computer.

Below is a picture of Kirby working with the Doc Martin dyes.  Obviously, this picture was taken on "Casual Friday".


  1. I think you logo needs more color. As for this today rainbow colors make people think of homos while Kirby was probably thinking there should be a god that was a rainbow and recalling the story of Noah and the Ark where the rainbow was God's promise he would never flood the Earth again.

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  3. STEIBEL said...
    Hi Kris,

    Great picture. Where did you find that picture of Kirby? Is it online somewhere or did you get the photo from another source?

    I'd never seen it before. I'm going to have to "swipe" it from you and use it on my weblog at some point. I have a scan of that painting Jack is working on somewhere. I wonder if a collector owns it now or if it's still owned by Jack's family. I'd love to see an HQ scan of it & examine Jack's brushwork.

    Rob Steibel

  4. I prefer Jack's colors as a whole except that you can't really see Thor very well. The computerization has illuminated Thor and the other characters.