Wednesday, September 29, 2010

At least Disney Co doesn't own Captain Glory...or does it?

Here's a drawing Jack did for Disney.

Now here's Captain Glory, notice any similarities?

I wonder if Jack made the changes or if he left it all up to the inker.


  1. Did Kirby do ANYTHING for the "Kirbyverse?" I thought it was all put together after he died. Even it it was done when he was still alive I don't think he drew anything for this picture, and it was created from the MM picture.

  2. Hi John,

    Yes, Kirby was alive during the Topps Kirbyverse run, but died fairly soon after it began. The Captain Glory drawing, I think, dates back to the late 60s, and was possibly a "Captain America of the future" concept piece. The Mickey Mouse piece is certainly swiped from it.



  3. Was the Captain Glory picture done before the MM picture? However it was done I don't think Kirby drew the same picture twice. Wasn't he the one that said he didn't want to ink his comics since he already drew them in pencil? Even if I'm thinking of someone else Kirby doesn't seem to be the kind of persons to spend too much time reworking the same drawing--he couldn't even pay attention long enough to make sure he didn't draw extra fingers on hands or even extra arms on characters. Seems like he let everything rush out of him and moved on--this was a business, and I think it would have been faster for him to draw a new picture than to alter a drawing that he did decades before.