Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jack Kirby's Full Metal Alchemist

I don't know what this character was originally intended for.  Jack has written "Harpoon" on the drawing, so I assume that was the character's intended name.  When I first saw this image I was somewhat reminded of the Japanese character "Edward Elric: The Full Metal Alchemist".  As you can see, "Elric" is a bit more sedate looking than Jack's "Harpoon".   Kirby has taken a similar idea and, as usual, injected his creative steroids into it. 

Also interesting is that if you look closely at the "Harpoon" figure on the left, you can see where Jack originally intended to have the left arm in a different position, but then apparently changed his mind.  Kirby often claimed that he never erased, but of course he must have...on rare occasions.

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