Friday, April 15, 2011


I recently obtained a used copy of the "Tales of Asgard" trade paperback.  I am very impressed with the modern coloring techniques used within.

Here are some sample images:

Very nicely done.  I suppose one could quibble with the color choices and some minor light source discrepancies, but over all, I think it's a vast improvement over the original printings.  The inferior printing methods of the 1960s often caused Vince Colletta's fine inking lines to drop out, in these modern printings it's like seeing the work for the first time because of the more stable printing methods and better paper.

Here's a comparison shot between the new method and the old crummy method:

I'm sure there are some who will prefer the original method, and that's okay because they can still obtain the original books if they want to.  I prefer this new coloring method and would like to see more of Kirby's books reprinted in this way,  it brings his work into the 21st Century.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Today we are going to examine two Kirby creations, "Kamandi: Last Boy on Earth" and "Moon-Boy of the Small Folk".

First up Kamandi:

Kamandi is one of Jack's weaker creations.  Dull-witted Kamandi is a closeted homosexual boy that dresses like a ChippendalesTM dancer and inhabits a post-apocalyptic world filled with silly talking animals. 

Talking tigers, how ridiculous!

Enough of that loser Kamandi, let's move on to one of Kirby's greater creations....

Moon-Boy and his brother Devil Dinosaur!

Moon-boy is the bravest member of a group of humanoids called the "Small Folk", he inhabits a pre-historic Earth in a region known as the "Valley of Flame".

After a rival band of humanoids known as "Killer Folk" left a young dinosaur for dead, the brave Moon-Boy rescued it and brought it back to health.  Because it's skin was scorched red by the torches of the Killer-Folk, Moon-Boy named his new dinosaur brother, "Devil".  Moon-Boy and Devil became fiercely loyal to each other.
The Fiercely Loyal Brothers

Moon-Boy's adventures with Devil are indeed surreal; encounters with Sky Demons (evil aliens), Swarmers (giant army ants) and a mystical old hag count among their numerous nightmare-like experiences in the Valley of Flame.

There are no silly talking tigers in Moon-Boy's world.  Kirby makes Moon-Boy's world more dangerous and darker than Kamandi's world; instant death lurks behind every boulder and tree branch in the Valley of Flame.

Unlike the effeminate Kamandi, Moon-Boy and Devil have no time for games, and give as good as they get, little mercy is shown for the enemy. 

Moon-Boy's world is primeval to the max and that's why we here at the Kirby Primeval blog recommend it!

Just for Kirby-Kicks here's Jack's original concept sheet for Devil Dinosaur:

 btw, Allen Smith made me do this.  Blame him.