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Today we are going to examine two Kirby creations, "Kamandi: Last Boy on Earth" and "Moon-Boy of the Small Folk".

First up Kamandi:

Kamandi is one of Jack's weaker creations.  Dull-witted Kamandi is a closeted homosexual boy that dresses like a ChippendalesTM dancer and inhabits a post-apocalyptic world filled with silly talking animals. 

Talking tigers, how ridiculous!

Enough of that loser Kamandi, let's move on to one of Kirby's greater creations....

Moon-Boy and his brother Devil Dinosaur!

Moon-boy is the bravest member of a group of humanoids called the "Small Folk", he inhabits a pre-historic Earth in a region known as the "Valley of Flame".

After a rival band of humanoids known as "Killer Folk" left a young dinosaur for dead, the brave Moon-Boy rescued it and brought it back to health.  Because it's skin was scorched red by the torches of the Killer-Folk, Moon-Boy named his new dinosaur brother, "Devil".  Moon-Boy and Devil became fiercely loyal to each other.
The Fiercely Loyal Brothers

Moon-Boy's adventures with Devil are indeed surreal; encounters with Sky Demons (evil aliens), Swarmers (giant army ants) and a mystical old hag count among their numerous nightmare-like experiences in the Valley of Flame.

There are no silly talking tigers in Moon-Boy's world.  Kirby makes Moon-Boy's world more dangerous and darker than Kamandi's world; instant death lurks behind every boulder and tree branch in the Valley of Flame.

Unlike the effeminate Kamandi, Moon-Boy and Devil have no time for games, and give as good as they get, little mercy is shown for the enemy. 

Moon-Boy's world is primeval to the max and that's why we here at the Kirby Primeval blog recommend it!

Just for Kirby-Kicks here's Jack's original concept sheet for Devil Dinosaur:

 btw, Allen Smith made me do this.  Blame him.

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